Friday, April 25, 2014

Bigger and Better: Walkway and New Gazebo at Sunset Beach Nearing Completion

New gazebo at Sunset Beach,  just waiting for
the crowning touch of roof tiles.
Our family took advantage of a little open space on the Sunset Beach Bliss calendar to escape the decidely un-Spring-like weather at our mountain home. We had heard that the improvements made by the Town to the public beach access point were continuing, so made sure to take along a camera to record the progress.

Despite a couple of freak ice storms and a generally unusually cold winter season, the good folks who serve the Town of Sunset Beach have nearly completed the brand new larger gazebo and expanded walkway to the sand.  And they are beautiful!  Now visitors to Sunset Beach who want to enjoy the sea breezes but get a little break from the sun have a lot more elbow room in the shade of an extra large gazebo.  And the introduction of an expanded walkway, with choice of steps or ramp onto the sandy beach, makes beach access easier and safer for more folks than ever.
Addition of a ramp to the walkway is good news for anyone
to whom steps present a problem.

The underside of the gazebo roof is a pretty pattern,
and this well-built structure should hold
its own when the winds get rough.
As always, the view from the walkway along this
superb, unspoiled Sunset Beach, NC, is lovely.