Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunset Beach Streetscape Completed, Brand New Gazebo to Follow

On our last visit to our delightful second home, Sunset Beach, NC, we discovered that the ambitious upgrades to Sunset Boulevard have been completed. There are now generous bicycle lanes on both sides of the street, and a sidewalk for pedestians and elegant lighting all along the greatly expanded public parking. Also (although they are hard to see in this photo at present) we are looking forward to this Summer Season, when the newly-transplanted palms along the thoroughfare will have spread out their elegant fronds.

At the time this photo was taken, we also noticed the town has begun work on building a brand new gazebo at the public beach access point, right by the new outdoor showers. The old one was a very pleasant, breezy spot to relax in the shade; and the newer one looks like it will be quite a bit larger, with space for even more beach lovers than before.  Once it's done, check this spot for all the details on the finished masterpiece.