Friday, March 7, 2014

Indigo Farms Produce Shop and Bakery Now Open!

The Welcoming Oak at Indigo Farms
Good News!  After a long winter, there is once again lots more good stuff growing at Indigo Farms.  We have just heard that they have re-opened for the season. Their bakery offers a wide variety of homemade pies and desserts.  And this year, they have added some new items: Raspberry Squares and Magic Cookies!  I'm looking forward to the next time we visit to go sample!

It's still very early, and the weather has been colder than usual in Feburary, so their Produce Market still mainly carries greens and cool season crops for the next few weeks. But, there are always preserves and other treats, and more fresh farm produce will be coming soon as the weather improves.

Indigo Farms is always a pleasure to visit for the excellent folks who work there; their hillariously spunky cat, Indie, who lurkes in the jungley depths of their garden center; the always interesting farm yard residents out back; AND the always yummy treats at the bakery. 

For additional details, visit the Indigo Farm website