Monday, February 3, 2014

The Sweet Solitude of a Winter Beach

My family and I often take a little respite from our busy routines at our home in the mountains and escape to Sunset Beach Bliss in the wintertime. One of my favourite things to do during this season is to steal away every couple of days and walk the beach on my own. There is something magical about a stroll along the shore, during which you encounter not one other soul. To be sure, a great advantage of Sunset Beach is how spread-out it is, so that even during the height of summer, you don't feel crowded. So, at the opposite end of the calendar year, the slow seasons of January and February, it is very frequently possible to experience the sweet solitude of the beach all to yourself.

Now, those who are sensitive to the drag on ones mood that a long dark winter can effect, know that heading south for sunnier weather is a great idea. Many of our our off-season guests travel from up North, just to get an early dose of "light and airy" at Sunset Beach Bliss. The special quality of the light during winter on the beach seems to draw out the subtler colours and textures that we may not always notice during our Summer visits, when we don sunglasses and close our eyes while baking on the sand. In winter, the light is softer, with a gentle grey cast. And so the "shyer" pastels that stripe an otherwise unremarkable clamshell, or the sparkel of mother-of-pearl in a humble fragment of oyster, catch your eye more readily.

The subtler colors step forward
in the sunshine of a winter beach.

An ordinary fragment of snail shell leaps out like a flame
against the grey sands.

The normally-ignored indigos are more noticeable now.

A grey lump contains a pearly shimmer
when the light hits it just so.

When you are able to enjoy the sweet solitude of a Winter beach, take your time. Open your eyes and notice the tiny fragments of beauty just by your feet. Then raise your eyes and take in the vastness that surrounds you, the impossibly glamorous sparkle of the winter sunlight as it breaks through the low lumbering clouds (reminded to "move along" by the ever-present breeze) and strikes the surface of a wind-ruffled sea. 

Goodbye, winter blues!!