Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sunset Beach Streetscape Enjoys Further Improvements

So pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers will all be delighted to find a lot more "elbow room" as they approach Sunset Beach in the Spring of 2014.  The Town has been hard at work widening Sunset Boulevard, the main thorougfare leading to our public beach access.  Along with approximately 46 additional parking spaces, plans include space for a 4' bike path and new sidewalks on both sides of the road.

The town's past improvements over the past couple of years, including the permanent bathroom facilities and outdoor showers, plus the recent expansion of the boardwalk connecting public parking with the beach, have been accompanied by high quality landscaping and excellent design that have held up well under years of use and weather. And we expect these improvements that are currently underway to continue the same trend towards increasing the aesthetic as well as practical attractions of Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach: Quiet and Relaxing, But Never Boring

Recently Adopted New Logo Shared by the Museum of Coastal Carolina and
the Ingram Planetarium, symbolizes what both facilities offer visitors:
everything "from stars to sea stars."
One of the great perks of Sunset Beach is its sleepy small town atmosphere, which makes it a welcome respite from the nearby excitement and traffic of Myrtle Beach. 

But the other wonderful way this beach community is uniquely blessed are the institutions in its very midst that also offer great entertainment at a level not usually available in other small towns. Whenever our family stays at Sunset Beach Bliss, there are usually several interesting events and special exhibits to explore at the Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach, and at the Museum of Coastal Carolina "next door" in Ocean Isle. A quick visit to the websites for each reveal a busy schedule of lectures, constantly changing exhibits, and visiting artists, even during the winter months, when one would expect a beach community to go into hibernation until the Summer crowds return.

A visit to the Ingram Planetarium website reveals a January calendar liberally sprinkled with events, including a presentation and discussion on the Science of Flying, and a whole slew of new films (including many gear towards children) and lazer shows to be shown in the state-of-the-art SciDome Sky Theater. Plus, every day, visitors to the Planetarium can come and play with the new Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit currently occupying the The Paul Dennis Science Hall, which gives a hands-on experiences with advanced 3D and immersive technologies.

The Museum of Coastal Carolina also is far from quiet this January, offering a grand opening of the newly expanded "Shifting Tides" exhibit, visiting artist programs, special activities for families with children (incluing Puppets!), and refreshed and refurbished exhibits and the ever-popular-with-the-kids hands-on tide pool.