Monday, December 2, 2013

Planet Fun: For Those Rare Times Sunset Beach Weather Drives Us Indoors!

Not that we ended up needing it this sunny November month at Sunset Beach Bliss, but I find it always pays to do ones homework when vacationing in the company of an energetic nine-year-old. And our discovery of Planet Fun in nearby Shallotte will go a long way towards easing any concerns you may have about visiting the beach during the off-season with kids (or even during the Summer, if you've all gotten a bit too much of the sun's attention and need a day's rest under the air conditioning). But if the sun "takes a powder," and the rain and cold winds begin to blow, the family can still enjoy a whole day of fun activities . . . inside, until the foul weather moves on, which it usually does quickly at this peculiar part of the NC coast.
Great place for bowling

Convenient snack bar
About a 15-minute drive from Sunset Beach Bliss, Planet Fun will help you slough off any rainy-day blues with bowling, video games, laser tag . . . and even a selection of centers meant for the little guys, like a play house, bouncy castle, mini golf and toddler rides.  And, should anyone get hungry, there is a well-stocked snack bar and also a sit-down restaurant, Starz Grille, which offers a good-sized menu of affordably-priced choices. Be sure to look for coupons or deal days online at their current specials and promotions webpage before you go.
Starz Grille is the adjoining sit-down
restaurant with an extensive menu