Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fourth of July at the Old Bridge: Not Quite Gone, and Definitely Not Forgotten!

This Fourth of July, take the kids to join a festive parade of folks who are saving a historical treasure at Sunset Beach.

With the opening of the new Mannon C. Gore bridge out to Sunset Beach, our old swing bridge was retired and towed away.  But one section of this charming architectural monument to the past, the center portion on which was built the bridge tenders' house, will begin a new life as a museum, filled with images and artifacts to remind us of the old ways of coastal living.  The old Sunset Beach will be brought back to life for those old enough to remember, helping us share with those who are too young to know.

Even now, the Old Bridge Preservation Society, has filled this Summer's calendar with fun and enriching programs, events and experiences.  The site is currently a meeting point for a very busy schedule of events like Family Fun Nights, and the 4th of July Old Bridge Parade, as renovation efforts continue.

With all the fundraising and the prodigious amount of work and dedication to renovating and moving the old bridge and tenders' house to its new location on 109 Shoreline Drive West, Sunset Beach, this will be an attraction well worth visiting again and again.