Friday, April 5, 2013

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher: Where We Touched A Baby Shark!

During our last stay in Sunset Beach, we took a day to drive up to Southport and take the Ferry to Fort Fisher (see previous post), where we spent a fun (and educational) few hours at the North Carolina Aquarium.

As soon as we bought our tickets and entered the building, my daughter (as always) made a bee-line for the Touch Pool, rolling up her sleeves along the way.  That day, we had some fun watching how a horseshoe crab rights himself whenever he's flipped upside down.

Another not-to-be missed sensation, is to gently poke one's finger into the middle of a sea anemone.  Trust me, it's something everyone must try at least once.
Anemone: Velcro of the Sea

We also enjoyed an interesting talk with one of the museum's volunteers about their Sea Turtle Rehab program.  On that particular day, we were treated to an up-close look at this little girl, a baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle, only a few weeks old.  Eventually, once she grows big and strong enough, she'll be released back out into the Atlantic Ocean - from which, hopefully, she will return someday to dig a nest for her own eggs on the beaches of North Carolina.
Jellyfish at the NC Aquarium
A Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle
At the time of our visit, the Aquarium also had a special little creche of baby sharks available for petting.  This was an opportunity not to be missed, but I noticed there were no impassioned requests to bring one home as a pet, for a change.
Stroke A Baby Shark!