Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beck's Seafood of Calabash: Rising from the Ashes Like a Phoenix!

Rebuilt, bigger and better!
We thought we'd lost a community treasure when our beloved Beck's seafood restaurant went up in flames last year.  First started in the 1940's, Beck's is one of the leading lights in the delicious tradition of Calabash-style seafood.  It's one of our "must-do's" whenever my family comes to Sunset Beach.

Well, for the past six months, we've had to do without their steaming hot, delectably tender seafood, with its light and crispy cornmeal coating.  But we weren't left without the hope of having it again.  And the time has come at last:  Beck's is scheduled to open once again this coming weekend, in a brand-new building constructed right on top of the ruins of the old.  With increased seating and fresh new paint, but the same great people inside who have made it so special, one of Calabash's favorite places to eat will be back very soon!

Bon Appetit, y'all!