Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Town of Sunset Beach, NC, Turns 50!

The Pier at Sunset Beach
This year, the Town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina, turns 50!  This historic milestone for our lovely seaside town will occur on March 26th, and plans to mark this event are underway within the 50th Anniversary Committee that has been appointed by the Town Council.  More details will be supplied at the Town of Sunset Beach Website.

In 1955, a year after the great hurricane Hazel, Manon C. Gore bought Bald Island from the Brooks family and renamed the island Sunset Beach. In 1963 the Town of Sunset Beach was chartered with thirty residents, a population growing to 72 by 1972.  There are a great deal more than 72 these days, but the area still exudes the seaside village charm we all love.

Even as the area continues to change, the essentials stay the same:  a beautiful beach that is a perfect spot to enjoy BOTH a sunrise AND a sunset, a strong and delicious tradition of Calabash style seafood, gloriously sunny days under blue skies and rolling clouds, and that salt-scoured, cleanly-refreshing sea breeze that can erase your stress and turn your mind towards more beautiful thoughts.