Sunday, July 15, 2012

Public Parking at Sunset Beach, NC

Sunset Beach Bliss is just a short drive from Sunset Beach.  And parking at Sunset Beach, NC, is still pretty easy to find.  Even in the middle of July, parking in the further-away spaces just means a few minutes' easy walk down Sunset Boulevard.  As you can see in the satellite photo below, there are about roughly 60 spaces in the main public lot right by by the Gazebo and Boardwalk onto the beach.  During the height of the Summer Season if you are a "Johnny-come-lately" to the beach, you may need to park further back along Sunset Boulevard, North of the intersection wtih Main Street.

Also, this year, the Town of Sunset Beach has replaced the "portable restrooms" with a real bathroom (Yay!).  There are nice outdoor showers located right by the Gazebo at the head of the boardwalk.  So after a delightful day of sand and surf, you can rinse off and enjoy cool breezes in the shade, as you wait for the stragglers in your group (who, of course, have the car keys) to return from the shore and head back for showers, air conditioning and a seafood meal . . . Calabash Style!
Public Parking & Other Amenities at Sunset Beach, NC