Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program

When my family and I are in Sunset Beach, we enjoy visiting Museum of Coastal Carolina and learning more about the wildlife in that part of the Carolinas.  Another great nearby resource for this is the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program.  Coordinated by Carmel Zetts, Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol volunteers teach others about the life cycle of sea turtles and their ongoing work towards saving them.  During the summer months, Carmel usually leads 2 programs each week at the Planetarium in Sunset Beach, and also outside at the Beach, weather permitting (these meet in the parking lot of  Sunset Properties on Sunset Blvd.).

To find out more on the when and wheres, you can visit the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch website (where you can also download a very nice Activity Book for your kids) or contact Ingram Planetarium to ask about their program schedules for this year.