Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Bird's-Eye View of Sunset Beach, NC, and Bird Island

As Summer draws near, I have been working on finding new ways to pull together useful information for folks who are as yet unfamiliar with Sunset Beach, NC.  If you get me started, I can talk on and on about how natural and unspoiled our beach is, with all the houses tucked well behind the sand dunes, and the closest high-rise being nothing but a distant white spec over in Ocean Isle.  And then there's Bird Island, a 1300-acre natural area and State preserve, which stretches from Sunset Beach all the way to the NC/SC state line.

While surfing the net, I found a post by an enterprising soul who tried some K.A.V (Kite Aerial Video) at Sunset Beach back in 2009.  It's a lot of fun watching this (Although, I found I needed to close my eyes during the "lift-off" and "landing" parts.).  The video begins with the camera pointing out over Bird Island, and bit by bit turns 360 degrees so that you can see out over the ocean, back towards Ocean Isle, and out over the town of Sunset Beach, so that you can see inland beyond the old swing bridge (You can just make it out in the distance, right near the Water Tower.) and Intracoastal Waterway.

Notice how wonderfully NOT crowded the beach is?  That's another thing my family loves about Sunset Beach!  This video was filmed in the middle of July!