Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Lapse photography of NC outer banks

Here's a stunning time-lapse video of the North Carolina Outer Banks, done by Daniel Lowe, who obviously has great skill and talent.  The shots he has captured of the night sky over the ocean, right alongside the fierce beams of light cast by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, is just stunning; and the music that accompanies this beautiful example of time-lapse cinematography further impresses upon the viewer the incredible, awesome beauty that is there, all laid out for any of us small and ephemeral human beings who are willing to take the time to go.

Watch this video, and it will make you want to head to the coast as soon as possible to see it all for yourself.

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunset Beach - Recommended Site on the North Carolina Birding Trail

The North Carolina Birding Trail includes Sunset Beach Island (location #10) on its list of recommended spots for getting a glimpse of several notable species of our fine feathered friends, including the Horned Grebe, Wood Stork, American Oystercatcher, Black Skimmer, Painted Bunting, and many many others. Locally known as Bird Island, the state-owned coastal reserve is one spot mentioned; but the guide also details lots of other great locations to go, along the saltmarsh and other open areas around the village.

The Town of Sunset Beach and the NC Birding Trail have published a Guide to birding spots in Sunset Beach. And, at the end of an energetic day of exploring the beauties of the NC coastal habitats with your camera and binoculars, you can come back to Sunset Beach Bliss to relax on the screened in porch, sip your favorite beverage, and watch the Egrets fishing in the lagoon below.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunset Beach Bliss - Now More Blissful Than Ever With Brand New Beds!!

We have purchased brand new mattress sets and frames for all the bedrooms at Sunset Beach Bliss! Original Mattress Factory delivered them last week, and I am looking forward to our next visit!

Ahhhh . . . ! Nothing like an extra-luxurious sleep when you're on vacation and don't have to get up for work! Now that is Bliss!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Museum of Coastal Carolina Celebrates 20 Years With A Family Day

 The Museum of Coastal Carolina in Ocean Isle, NC, will celebrate 20 years of being an excellent source of family fun, with Family Day on Saturday, April 23, 2011!  The event will feature a variety of free and small-admission fee activities, such as a live snake program, touch tank, and scavenger hunt,  face painting, duck pond, nature crafts, and games.

My family has been visiting the museum for years, and there is always something new to discover each time, with new exhibits and activities being added all the time!
Details on Family Day are available on the Museum's online schedule of events.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Blue Crab Festival Returns in 2011

The 30th Annual Blue Crab Festival will return again on May 14 & May 15, 2011.  My family loves attending, and each year it gets better and better, offering more great food, handcrafts and art, music, games and entertainment for young and old.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silver Coast Winery - An Evening Of Music for the Old Swing Bridge at Sunset Beach, NC

On the evening of April 2nd, 2011, Silver Coast Winery is hosting a musical event to raise funds with the Old Bridge Preservation Society to help establish the Old Pontoon Bridge in its new role as a museum in Sunset Beach, NC.

A Bird's-Eye View of Sunset Beach, NC, and Bird Island

As Summer draws near, I have been working on finding new ways to pull together useful information for folks who are as yet unfamiliar with Sunset Beach, NC.  If you get me started, I can talk on and on about how natural and unspoiled our beach is, with all the houses tucked well behind the sand dunes, and the closest high-rise being nothing but a distant white spec over in Ocean Isle.  And then there's Bird Island, a 1300-acre natural area and State preserve, which stretches from Sunset Beach all the way to the NC/SC state line.

While surfing the net, I found a post by an enterprising soul who tried some K.A.V (Kite Aerial Video) at Sunset Beach back in 2009.  It's a lot of fun watching this (Although, I found I needed to close my eyes during the "lift-off" and "landing" parts.).  The video begins with the camera pointing out over Bird Island, and bit by bit turns 360 degrees so that you can see out over the ocean, back towards Ocean Isle, and out over the town of Sunset Beach, so that you can see inland beyond the old swing bridge (You can just make it out in the distance, right near the Water Tower.) and Intracoastal Waterway.

Notice how wonderfully NOT crowded the beach is?  That's another thing my family loves about Sunset Beach!  This video was filmed in the middle of July!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program

When my family and I are in Sunset Beach, we enjoy visiting Museum of Coastal Carolina and learning more about the wildlife in that part of the Carolinas.  Another great nearby resource for this is the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program.  Coordinated by Carmel Zetts, Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol volunteers teach others about the life cycle of sea turtles and their ongoing work towards saving them.  During the summer months, Carmel usually leads 2 programs each week at the Planetarium in Sunset Beach, and also outside at the Beach, weather permitting (these meet in the parking lot of  Sunset Properties on Sunset Blvd.).

To find out more on the when and wheres, you can visit the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch website (where you can also download a very nice Activity Book for your kids) or contact Ingram Planetarium to ask about their program schedules for this year.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out With The Old . . . the last voyage of the old Sunset Beach bridge.

So now that the new Mannon C. Gore Bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway has been completed, the old swing bridge has been taken away by tugboat.  It was later lifted by crane to land nearby where, thanks to the "Old Bridge Preservation Society," it will (hopefully) be turned into a museum and a park.