Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunset at Sunset (And A Final Farewell To The Old Bridge)

Sunset at Sunset is an annual celebration featuring live music, local atists and artisans, and great food. Last year's event attracted around four thousand people. This year, it will be held near the Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach, on Saturday, October 2nd; and organizers expect even more participants this year, because the weekend of October 1st will also mark the final passing of the old in favor of the new: The Dedication of the new Mannon C. Gore Bridge will occur on the Friday afternoon of October 1st, followed by an evening reception at Sea Trail.

In order to honor our beloved Sunset Beach Pontoon Bridge, the Sunset at Sunset Steering Committee has lined up a number of projects, including photography and art contests and an opportunity for everyone to contribute their fond memories of the old bridge to be part of a "Remembrance Book" about the old Bridge on the event's website, where folks who would like to share their own memories of the bridge

Also, there will be a book signing of the recently-published History of Sunset Beach by Miller Pope and Jacqueline DeGroot