Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fibber McGees Irish Pub - Also A Lovely Place to Lunch

Because we rent out our condo for most of the Summer Season, the times my family are most often able to come stay there ourselves tend to be in the Spring and Fall: the perfect seasons for an alfresco luncheon! Having lived in England, the custom of going out to a Pub for Sunday lunch is something we enjoy doing with the family - particularly when the weather is fine. They have a fine selection of deli-style sandwiches and soups and salads, as well as very nice appetizers, such as their shrimp cocktail. Emily (now aged 6) just loves that one, and also their fruit and cheese plate. And let us not forget to mention their fine selection of beers and other beverages from the bar inside - AND it's non-smoking so it's just as nice inside as out front. Fibber McGees has become our local pub of choice while we're at the beach! (And it's right by a whole row of cute boutiques and only a quick walk around the corner from the Planetarium, which is another perk for us. No having to pile back into the car; we can linger, do a little window shopping and maybe go to a show!)

It has also come to our attention that Fibber McGees in Sunset Beach has a sister restaurant in Little River not far away, called Fibbers on the Water. That's only a 15-minute drive from our condo; so we'll probably go try them out the next time we can escape back to the beach.