Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeding Ducks At Sunset Village in Sunset Beach, NC

There is a little flock of ducks who sort of "hang around" the neighborhood in Sunset Village (They may be resident ducks, but we haven't figured out which condo building is theirs). We frequently happen upon them as we take a stroll around the many lagoons. They are pretty hard to miss, being of an unusual-looking breed. When she was very young, Emily considered it a huge thrill when we first found the ducks; and as the years go by, she still loves to go and look for them when we're staying at the condo.

Here are some photos of them we took this past February. The big one (whom we assume is the head of the group) wags its tail and makes a kind of panting noise - to tell us when we're getting to close to his ladies, I assume.