Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunshine, Warm Sand & Water : Sunset Beach In November

Last weekend, we made a quick trip to Sunset Beach and brought along the cousins. The November weather was surprisingly warm, with temperatures hovering in the mid-70's. We spend every morning on the Island, enjoying the warm breezes, our toes relishing the sun-baked sand. The water was even warm, and I saw a few folks wearing bathings suits (we didn't even think to bring ours), and someone out surfing the waves. Of course, lack of bathing suits wasn't going to keep our girls out of the water.

When we first drove up to the public parking lot right behind the sand dunes (always plenty of parking on a November morning), we spotted a deer (a buck with a full rack!) running across the sand, but he disappeared into the maritime shrubs before I could get my camera to power on. So in addition to water birds, foxes and even bears, there are quite a few deer living on the island as well!

It took our empty stomachs to convince us to leave the beach and go off in search of lunch - otherwise, we might have stayed all day! Who would have thought that bare feet, sunglasses and that languid feeling you get from closing your eyes, and settling back in the sand to listen to the waves would be possible in November (Just one more reason Autumn is my favorite season in NC)? As we shook off the sand, packed our chairs and sand toys back into the car, I noticed that the public parking was pretty much full. Looks like more and more folks are discovering you don't have to wait till Summer to enjoy a lazy day at the beach in North Carolina!