Friday, October 9, 2009

Find Yer Sea Legs - A Short Sea Cruise on the Super Voyager II

Our last weekend at Sunset Beach Bliss was spent in the shadow of a couple of late-summer hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, which meant rip tides and rough seas. But the weather that weekend dodged the threat of all-day rain and turned out a beautiful few days for us, only interrupted occasionally with a quickly-passing shower. On one of our days there, we decided to catch a ride on the Super Voyager II to enjoy another view of the islands and perhaps catch a glimpse of some dolphins.

We had reserved our tickets by calling and talking to the gruff but friendly captain, who often is the one to answer the phone when you call. When we settled on a date, we were advised to call again the morning of our scheduled tour to make sure the weather would allow for the journey, as the gulf coast hurricanes had roughed up the seas quite a bit. On the morning of our trip, we headed over to where the Super Voyager II was docked (behind Coleman's Restaurant in nearby Calabash), paid for our tickets, and amused ourselves by watching a local lady checking her crab traps while we waited for our departure time on the dock.

We set off on schedule and enjoyed the fresh air and sense of adventure as we cruised out the Little River inlet and headed out to open sea. Unfortunately, the promise of an earlier calm and uneventful morning excursion that day did not hold out for us and our afternoon attempt; the waves got really rough the further out we got. Great fun for the teenagers on the boat - they all headed toward the bow of the boat to shriek as they were soaked by the sea spray - but I'm afraid neither my husband nor I (not to mention our 5-year-old) entirely found our sea legs. It was an exciting ride, to be sure, and we felt perfectly safe. Eventually, there was an announcement that the sea had gotten too rough and so we would be heading back before we could reach an area for any Dolphin sighting. A disappointment. But the company gave us tickets good for another Dolphin Cruise on any other date, and it was an especially good deal for us, because we had paid for 2 adults and one child, but had an interesting boat trip and 3 adult tickets for another trip to show for it.

We didn't take many photos once the ride got a little wild; but we did take a few as we headed out from the inlet. I'm afraid our little digital camera just cannot capture the sullen beauty of troubled weather at the N.C. coast.

Anyway, we'll definitely be trying again next time the seas are calmer. Perhaps I'll have some shots of dolphins to share next time!
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