Monday, September 7, 2009

New Playground Neighbors Museum of Coastal Carolina

On our most recent visit to Sunset Beach, NC, we revisited the Museum of Coastal Carolina and discovered a brand-new playground right next to it.

We also took a moment to photograph the lovely murals on the outside of the museum before going in to reacquaint ourselves with the critters in their touch tank and the many informative displays.

This time there, we were able to solve a mystery involving some peculiar items that we had noticed had washed up on the beach that week. Something that we had guessed might be fragments of some exotic seaweed - or even sad evidence of pollution - turned out to be pieces of a protective covering used by a particular shellfish to cover their eggs. You always learn at least one remarkable new thing when you visit that place!

Anyway, here are some photos of the playground. Together with the museum. Together, they make a great way to while away an afternoon with the kids.
As you can see in one the shots, the playground is just a few yards from the entrance to the museum.