Friday, July 24, 2009

Pelican Bookstore in Sunset Beach

Although we have a modest shelf of books for our guests at our condo (and usually add a few more volumes to it whenever we are there), it's just not possible to anticipate everyone's tastes when it comes to beach reading. So knowing where a good hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bookstore can be found wherever you are vacationing is a valuable piece of information. And, I don't know about you, but I have long preferred to buy used books whenever I can - and I kinda' like a smaller store, when I'm relying on Serendipity rather than a looking for a particular title. The Pelican Bookstore offers a good selection and at reasonable prices, plus . . . well . . . charm.

Another piece of useful information is that when we were there last, we noticed that they also have a computer (with Internet access, of course) and printer, on which you can rent some time. It's nice to know about, in case you have a need. I mean, who wants to drag along all your peripherals to the beach?

See the Pelican Bookstore site for hours and other information