Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grilling at Sunset Village, Sunset Beach, NC

Well, I now have an opinion to add to the following debate: Which is better, charcoal or gas grilling? I vote charcoal! During our last stay at our condo in Sunset Village, we grilled out quite a few times; and I really can't remember the last time my steak tasted so good!! We have a gas grill at home, and it's been years since we cooked over charcoal briquettes. I'm seriously considering switching back to them at home.

At Sunset Village, there are shared charcoal grills available for residents and their guests to use. Several are available near the picnic tables and around the lagoons, near the tennis courts and one of the pools, and two of them are right near our building. You probably can't tell so well from the photograph attached to this posting, but you are right by the water so you can watch the wildlife (turtles, wading birds, fish - and the occasional alligator) while you cook! We also enjoyed watching the rather exciting spectacle of my father-in-law and daughter catching a fish (see earlier post).

The grills are each supplied with a bucket in which to scoop the ashes when you're done, and we keep a set of grilling implements and a lighter in our outdoor storage closet for our guests (one less thing to have to remember to throw in the luggage), as well as folding chairs. So, close your eyes and imagine the fragrance of food cooking on the hibachi - a memory awakened back from your childhood, perhaps! One more great way to while away the hours of your Sunset Beach Vacation!