Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fishing Outside at Sunset Village, Sunset Beach, NC

With beautiful Sunset Beach only a few minutes' drive away, and so many different attractions, shopping, and great restaurants nearby, sometimes its easy to overlook the simple pleasures available right on our doorstep. The grounds of Sunset Village are beautifully landscaped, with several large water features, one of which is right by our building. Besides being nice to look at, the ponds in Sunset Village are also well-stocked with fish, of which the constant visits by local wading birds (mostly Egrets and Great Blue Herons) provide delightful evidence.

However, fishing is not limited to the wildlife. Sunset Village ponds are also open for fishing to residents and their guests. You can get an inexpensive fishing rod (a simple bamboo pole, complete with line and hook is less than $5 at the Walmart in nearby Shallotte), use a piece of bread or canned corn as bait, and you've got everything you need for an enjoyable afternoon. We have provided some folding chairs and a spare fishing pole and net in the outdoor storage closet for our guests to use.

Oh, and be prepared for a lot of turtles to take a great deal of interest - particularly if you happen to throw handfuls of bread into the water. Just one handful, and the surface of the water will come alive with little turtle faces. I'm told that the Home Owners Association stocks the ponds with Tilapia every year, and we've caught other types as well (not sure what kind, but be careful of the spines on top).

Happy fishing!