Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Restaurants, Restaurants, & more Restaurants . . . Oooh! Ice Cream!

Being just ten minutes down the road from all the fine seafood that Calabash, NC, has to offer is just one of many advantages we discovered after finding our place in Sunset Beach. In the past few months, we have started on our task of trying out the local food with gusto; and the job has been a very pleasurable one.

Below is just a few of the very many choices in dining out that our area enjoys. There are tons more really nice places we've tried, and as time goes on, I hope to tell you all about them in this blog. But in the meantime, we've done our best to include menus for all in our guest book at the condo.

Ella's of Calabash (1148 River Rd, Calabash)
OK, this place has obviously been a fixture in the town of Calabash for quite awhile. It has pedigree. It also has THE BEST cocktail sauce we have ever tasted. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle on your way out. Also, for those who love all kinds of seafood, order the steam pot and plan to share. You will need to, as your portion of shrimp, crab legs, and shellfish will be so generous and so perfectly cooked that you will suffer pangs of regret for every morsel you are forced to leave behind.

The Grapevine (9991 Beach Dr SW, Calabash)
In Calabash, they have got the gourmet going on at the Grapevine! If you try nothing else, get their Greek-style marinated chicken breast. (My mouth's watering, just thinking of it.) You can get Calabash-style seafood there, but where they really shine is their Italian pasta dishes and Greek-inspired creations.

Sarah's Kitchen (1649 Seaside Road in Pelican Square)
Cute little diner-style place where you can get an excellent breakfast, with hot southern-style biscuits, and generously proportioned pancakes. To grab a quick and tasty sandwich or burger for lunch, they are a good place to go. They are small, which means your food is hot and care is taken w/ your meal; but the number of tables is limited and they can fill up fast.

Boundary House (1045 River Rd, Calabash)
Of course, you cannot leave the area without treating yourself to a meal at the Boundary House (named after the original "boundary house" built on the state line in the early 1700's). Walking in, the building and decor alone is a feast for they eyes. But their food will keep you coming back. Anything on the menu is going to be fresh and fantastic and their desserts are made in-house. They handle seating and serving large groups with aplomb; and combine a casual atmosphere with upscale service.

Calabash Creamery (9910 Beach Dr SW, Calabash)
It just wouldn't be Summer without the joys of Ice Cream. Just 10 minutes down the road from us, their crisp white building with wrap-around porch and 2 cow statues out front ("Scoop" and "Dip"), is hard to miss. Be warned: Every kid in your car will suddenly explode into a frenzy of pointing and entreaties to stop for ice cream. This is one of those times when we must defer to the wisdom of children. With more than 24 gourmet flavors available throughout the year, multiple visits to the Creamery are . . . well, necessary for a happy and fulfilling life (Just my opinion.) They also have "no sugar added" flavors and pretty good coffee, so that no one in your group will be left out of the fun.

Bagels & Sandwedges 925-9 Seaside Rd., SW, Sunset Beach)
If you're after a quick breakfast or lunch, and you love your coffee and your bagels, this little place just down the road from our neighborhood is a good bet. The bagels are fresh and they are not stingy with the fillings either. Gourmet coffee is available, and while you munch on your delicious bagel creation, you can gaze at the amusing depictions of bagels golfing all over the walls. We love it there!

Anyway, there's more. I've still got to cover that nice little Irish Pub over towards the Beach, the excellent family Pancake House next to the gift shops, and . . . well, stay tuned.