Monday, March 30, 2009

About this Blog

Our family discovered Sunset Beach, NC, late in the Summer of 2008 and spent several months after that first encounter, searching for a little place nearby so we could enjoy it again and again . . . and perhaps make it our permanent home once we retire. So now we have a little place in Sunset Village at Sandpiper Bay, surrounded by lagoons and pristine golfing greens, with only 5 miles of easy driving between us and that lovely beach!

We have wanted a vacation condo on the North Carolina coast for many years, and with the addition of our lovely little daughter, a desire for a home away from home for our vacations grew stronger. And one year we decided to make the leap and started the process of choosing our beach. After months of visiting one NC beach after another, we eventually got to Sunset and fell in love.

Sunset Beach

Yes, the phrase "unspoiled beauty" may be overused; but it's such an appropriate way to describe Sunset Beach, I'll risk putting it here. The beach is broad and flat, and when the tide was out that afternoon, we saw it left behind shallow wading pools of warm water all along the surf line, which were perfect for Moms and Dads to sit with their little babies to play. With all the houses and other development tucked neatly and well back behind the sand dunes, the views up and down this coastline were innocent of all the big, blocky condominium buildings and other development that clutter the view at the busier, more well-known Southern beaches. And although it was hardly deserted on that fine Summer day and it did take a few minutes to find a free parking spot, it didn't feel crowded. Once we stepped out onto the warm sand, we saw that there was elbow room, there was quiet, there was peace and relaxation . . . during high season!

Sunset Village at Sandpiper Bay

Another happy discovery was the golfing community of Sunset Village at Sandpiper Bay, a lovely little collection of villas tucked away behind the manicured grounds and shady lagoons of the Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club. The 3BR/2BA condo that we chose is light and airy, with a peaceful view over the water, right by a decorative fountain. We discovered that our 3rd-floor balcony provides an excellent vantage point for observing White Egrets fishing at the edge of the water, and the neighborhood is well laid out for a leisurely walk to the Club or an easy bike ride down its quiet streets. With all this in the village-like atmosphere of Sunset Beach, with excellent dining, entertainment and shopping of Calabash and N. Myrtle Beach just a short drive away, we feel extremely lucky to have a vacation home here. We hope to use this blog to share all our discoveries about Sunset Beach and its nearby attractions.